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It's an everyday commitment to wrap up and deliver the best Forex bonuses to your trading desk!

This Month's Specials

⭐ Featured Bonuses

XM Group | $30 no-deposit bonus
Popular & honest $30 no-deposit bonus

XM Group | 50% + 20% Deposit Bonus
Up to $5000 bonus (or currency equivalent)

OctaFX | Up to 50% Bonus on Deposit
10-50% bonus on deposit

⭐ Featured Events

MoneyShow | MoneyShow Las Vegas 2024
February 21 - 23, 2024, Bally’s/Paris, in Las Vegas
In-depth market analysis, portfolio picks, & trade ideas from more than 75 top market experts

FINEXPO | Traders Fair Singapore
March 2, 2024, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
Top speakers education + conferences; seminar halls, the exhibition area, workshops, Gala Night.

What ENDS this week?

Updated: February 21, 2024

FreshForex | 101% Drawdown Bonus Jan 10, 2024 XtreamForex | Trade & Win Contest Dec 31, 2023
Apex Markets | 200% Bonus Feb 01, 2024 Windsor Brokers | Win a Luxury Electric Car Dec 31, 2023
Zetradex | No Deposit Bonus $100 Feb 15, 2024 APX Prime | Boost Your Beginnings Dec 31, 2023
zForex | Gold Giveaway Sparks Light in the Lunar New Year! Feb 22, 2024 IronFX | The 2nd Global Trading Race Jan 31, 2024
MoneyShow | MoneyShow Las Vegas 2024 Feb 21, 2024 Fxcess | Giveaway alert Dec 31, 2023
UAG Markets | 100% Deposit Bonus Jan 31, 2024 FINEXPO | Traders Fair & Awards Thailand Feb 03, 2024
One Trading Markets | January Promotions Jan 31, 2024 Expo Show International | African Expo Show Nigeria Jan 01, 2024
IronFX | Giveaway! Meta Quest 3 Jan 31, 2024 Expo Show International | African Expo Show Ghana Jan 01, 2024
HFM | Giveaway Apple Watch Series 9 Jan 31, 2024 Expo Show International | Expo Shows Jan 01, 2024
Weltrade | Advent Calendar Jan 26, 2024 iFX EXPO | iFX Expo Dubai 2024 Jan 16, 2024
HFM | Festive Guess Jan 04, 2024 HQMENA | Money Expo Mexico Feb 07, 2024
LiteFinance | Non Stop Bonus 30% + 15% Jan 18, 2024 Hex Markets | Loss Rebate Bonus Dec 31, 2023
FX Trade | FX New Account Opening Campaign (In Japanese) Jan 31, 2024 AXAFOREX | Active Trader Program Dec 31, 2023
FreshForex | Up to 100% Cashback Spread Jan 31, 2024 TopFX | Cashback Dec 31, 2023
FINEXPO | Traders Fair Thailand Feb 03, 2024 WeTrade | Account Activation Giveaway Nov 30, 2023

Forex Bonus Guide 2023

Forex bonus


Forex Bonus is an incentive — reward, rebate, extra funds or gift from Forex brokers to Forex traders for loyalty, investment, active trading or participation in programs & events run by Forex brokers.

  • Deposit bonus — extra % bonus or fixed amount $ on deposit.
  • No-deposit bonus — a free $ bonus to new clients only, where live trading can be started without any initial investment. Profits are withdrawable.
  • Test-Drive bonus — test live trading with a free $ bonus, no deposit required. Keep profits by depositing funds.
  • Freebies — everything from free books to free course, seminars and other educational materials.
  • Rewards — different bonuses given as a reward for participation, active trading or investment.
  • Rebates — cash-back bonuses for active trading.
  • Seminar & Webinars — free online and live Forex sessions all over the world.
  • Expos & Events — inviting you to visit various Forex events & expos worldwide.
  • Vacancies & Careers — features newest vacancies from Forex brokers to build your career.
  • VPS — Virtual Private Servers - free & paid, based on account type or investment amount.
  • All Bonuses — featuring all bonuses listed at BestForexBonus.com
  • Seasonal bonuses — promotions tied up to certain time of the year, holiday seasons or events.
  • Forecasts — make the closes prediction to win a prize.
  • Crypto bonuses — all bonuses related to cryptocurrency trading.
  • Draws — prize winners are determined in a draw.
  • Demo contests — trader competitions on demo accounts, as a rule with real cash prizes.
  • Live contests — trader competitions on live accounts with larger prizes.
  • Risk-free bonuses — get covered/reimbursed by the broker for "trades went wrong".
  • Trading signals — follow free trading signals from brokers and other traders.
  • Other bonuses — many-many other exciting bonuses and offers.
  • MEGA bonuses — the largest bonus offers in the industry.
  • Ended bonuses — promotions that expired.

Forex Bonuses — from deposit bonuses to draws and contests — are becoming an essential part of Forex Brokers' success in the fast paced competitive environment. With thousands of Forex Brokers competing worldwide to claim the title of the "Best Forex Broker", Forex bonuses are helping to stand out & send a welcoming message to potential clients and investors.

HOW to Create a Winning Bonus Offer?

"Ordinary vs Original Forex Bonus...?"

Which one to choose for your next campaign?

Let's explore both options:

ORDINARY Forex Bonus 🠚 Familiar to traders

  • No need to invent the rules
  • No need to explain the rules

Clients' expectations are already set based on previous experience.

Knowing this, Forex brokers can "spice up" an ordinary bonus with just one extra distinctive feature... and have a Winning combination on hands!

  • Ordinary bonus is easily lost among hundreds of similar offers (even when "spiced up")

Thus extra effort for effective bonus promotion is required.

ORIGINAL Forex Bonus 🠚 New to traders

  • Traders are always excited to try new things

Thus Forex brokers will be rewarded with a lot of interest from the start.

  • Requires inventing new rules
  • New bonus rules should be though out carefully

Stakes are high for the new promotion to fail, should the traders find rules unfair, easy to manipulate etc.

At BestForexBonus.com we believe that well-thought-out Original bonuses are distinctive Winners!
Followed by Ordinary bonuses with a "little spice" and extra promotional effort.

Why Use Forex Bonuses?



👍 More capital
👍 Less risk
👍 Less anxiety
👍 Extra trading done
👍 Extra experience gained


👎 One-time deal
👎 Conditions attached


Forex Brokers introduce bonuses to bring more clients onboard!
This is always a financial investment, commitment & extra work on Broker's side...and a headache for the marketing department

By understanding this, Forex traders can better judge the value & quality of each bonus brought by different Brokers:
E.g. whenever a Forex bonus feels well thought-out, with generous rewards and fair conditions, you can be certain, a Broker means serious business!

100 Questions about Forex Bonuses

Forex Bonus questions

What is the BEST Forex bonus I can get?

The best Forex bonus would at least double your trading capital, allow profit withdrawals without limits & place no expiration on the bonus funds.
Other option would be to become a lucky draw winner or win a trading contest.

Is the Bonus GUARANTEED?

Each bonus should ideally come with official Terms & Conditions document. The terms in this document would be your best guarantee for receiving the bonus, provided all conditions are reasonable & met.
Bonus offers without T&C generally have less success.

Can I DECLINE the Bonus?

Yes. Participation in bonuses/promotions is voluntary.

Can I claim an alternative/cash replacement for the original Bonus?

No. Unless specified in Bonus Terms that "cash equivalent can be obtained instead".

Do REPUTABLE Forex brokers offer Bonuses?

Yes. Forex Bonuses are a great promotional tool.
Retail-focused Forex brokers would be generous with Bonus offers, while those gearing towards Institutional/Professional trading would offer limited deals if any at all.

Are there many SCAM Bonuses in Forex?

Yes, unfortunately. Since it's an online business, which also evolves around cash, It's relatively easy to build a scam scheme.
Avoid or be careful about newly popped-up Forex brokerage companies with no history, no regulation and shady Terms.

How to AVOID Forex Bonus scams?

It always takes some research to spot a shady business.

  • Was the broker established recently?
  • Is it regulated or just registered? Can it be verified?
  • Has the broker been reviewed online by fellow traders yet?
  • Does the broker has all Legal documents in place, including Client Agreement, Execution Policies, Rick Policies etc?
  • Does the bonus itself come with clear Terms & Conditions?
    • How many Forex Bonuses are there?

      There a millions of Forex bonus promotions run worldwide.

      How to stay on track with latest Bonus offers?

      Bookmark your favorite Bonus websites, as well as websites of Forex brokers you trust to stay on track.

      What is the best NO DEPOSIT Bonus?

      The best no-deposit bonus is the one that allows profit withdrawals, with fair terms to accomplish the goal.
      Our No-deposit bonus list screens for proper no-deposit terms. While the delivery of the bonus and it's success can be judged by the star rating left by fellow traders.

      Can I withdraw the Bonus IMMEDIATELY?

      As a rule, you can withdraw the bonus, but not immediately.
      Common terms & conditions placed on bonus withdrawals are: minimum trading volume/lot requirement, minimum number of days held, an additional deposit requirement. Also, a cap on the maximum withdrawal amount can be placed.
      Exceptions apply to cash prizes won in the trading contests, draws and forecasts, which can be withdrawn any time.

      Post your question here. Let's answer them all!