🎁 InstaForex | "FX-1 Rally" Demo contest

  • Link: FX-1 Rally contest from InstaForex

  • Registration open: all year 2021
  • Contest dates: each Friday
  • Duration: 1 day
  • To participate: register a demo account

  • Prizes: 1 - $500
    2 - $400
    3 - $300
    4 - $200
    5 - $100
  • How to get: the Participants with the highest deposits will be announced as the winners.

  • Withdrawal: Prize funds are unwithdrawable, yet profit made with them can be withdrawn without any restrictions.


IFX Yvonne

January 3, 2017

Hi Sascha! Kindly specify your trading account number, please? Thank you.

Dear 1n4_1,

- It is very important to read the contest terms and conditions before participation to avoid such problem.

- Thank you for your suggestion. Rest assured, it will be forwarded to the company's management for the consideration.

IFX Yvonne

December 28, 2016

Dear 1n4_1,

- It is very important to read the contest terms and conditions before participation to avoid such problem.

- Thank you for your suggestion. Rest assured, it will be forwarded to the company's management for the consideration.

IFX Yvonne

December 19, 2016

Dear 1N4_1,

Thank you for your suggestion, I will pass it to the company's management for the consideration. Thank you!


November 23, 2016

Dear IFX Yvonne

if you say to make a complaint about a contest to [email protected], the answer is always the clause "7. The Organizer reserves the right to decline the Participant's registration request without reasoning and disqualify the Participant, either during the Contest or after it has finished, upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds ".

I've experienced many times disqualified, and made a complaint. but the answer is always the same ...

The last time I was disqualified at the rally fx-1 contest, the contest period 28 / Oct / 2016-29 / Oct / 2016. nickname as I used to make a post. I did not make a complaint because bored with the same answer.

actually if organizers wisely, willing to show our mistakes, we can learn and not repeat the mistake again in the next contest.


I hope this could be a suggestion for the organizers of the contest

IFX Yvonne

July 20, 2016

Dear Jin,

If you have problem using our services, please do not hesitate to contact our Online Chat Support or you may post it here. Thank you.


March 23, 2016

i win fx -rally and i get it first price after 15 day 500$ account now iam doing trading
and i played octafx contest i win 1st place and get 170$ in real account and i withdraw after 2hour in my skrill account
i played grandcapital and i get 7 position i dont get any price because there deposit condition u can get ur price after deposit . so i thing there my fault when you play any contest always first the real rule and condition then go for drive
i post the result on fb wall https://www.facebook.com/ek.afsana

IFX Yvonne

September 30, 2015

Dear Ehssan rezapoor,

Did you try to contact the Antifraud Department regarding your problem?

IFX Yvonne

July 16, 2015

Dear Drazen,

Have you tried to send an email to [email protected] about your concern? If not yet, kindly specify your trading account number so we could check your account. Thank you.


July 9, 2015

I made 1st place 3 times in last 2 years.

First two times i receive prize without any problems, but last time... like someone here says, without explanation they remove me from ranking list...

IFX Yvonne

April 15, 2015

Dear Bansat,

Kindly contact the Antifraud Department about your problem.


April 10, 2015

dont waste your time with their contest.
i was at the first place in their contest at 13 march 2013 my but then they disqualified acc no: 66756661, without any reason.
i never broke any rules at their contest.
i told to all my friend dont ever trade with this scam broker!

Youri is Charlie !

January 15, 2015


duplicate comment removed...

IFX Yvonne

December 5, 2014

Dear Youri,

1. the company is not regulated by the France's AMF;
2) the company does not have an office in France.
3) Considering these facts, the claim of the French regulator that the company is not regulated by them and does not have an office in France seems true to us.

We would also like to mention, that despite of the fact that the France AMF do not license Forex brokers, their activity directed in announcing about different companies is very impressive.


December 3, 2014

Dear Traders,

Don't be stupid !

Instaforex is on the AMF blacklist !

AMF = French Regulation

Read this link : http://www.amf-france.org/Actualites/Communiques-de-presse/AMF/annee_2014.html?docId=workspace%3A%2F%2FSpacesStore%2F9cf8f18c-dbe0-4c1e-9576-9a135ac7ab12

Thank You


November 1, 2014

BestForexBonus.com Team
Dear Youri,
thank you for your active participation in comments!
At this stage we're at the very edgy situation, where your earlier discussion with IFX Yvonne has ended, and starting a similar discussion over again would unlikely help either side to find a fresh solution.
Thank you for your understating & hope to see more of your comments for other brokers as well!

Dear Traders and Dears moderators.

The people who says InstaForex is a good forex works for instaforex.

Instaforex is a big scam ! Read my history on this forum and you will see !

You can make a search on google about "instaforex scan" and you will find a lot of people scammed by InstaForex !

InstaForex can block your account withtout any reason !

It will say the same answer : Direct or Indirect evidence !

When I asked IFX Yvonne, He Told me that InstaForex can't give any reason !

Read this forum before invest on InstaForex !

InstaForex is not regulated.

InstaForex is a Russian broker.

InstaForex use bitcoin ... The bitcoin is illegal in Russian Federation !

That's enough about the opacity of Instaforex ... Ins"t it ?

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