🎁 XM Group | $30 No-Deposit Bonus

  • Link: $30 no-deposit bonus from XM Group XM Forex Bonus
  • Dates: All year 2024
  • Available to: All new clients*

  • Bonus: $30 on a live account - no deposit required.
  • How to get: Open a real, verified XM account

  • Withdrawal: All profits earned can be withdrawn.
  • Note: *Clients registered under Trading Point of Financial instruments Ltd (CySEC), Trading Point of Financial instruments Pty Limited (ASIC) and Trading Point MENA Ltd (DFSA) are not eligible for the bonus.


Savino Genovesi

July 18, 2024

I recently finished a trading course, which was not provided by a broker. It was an independent platform and I think it was the best decision I made. They gave us useful tips on how to choose a proper broker at the beginning of our trading journey.
One of them was to try to find a broker that fosters low trading costs. Before I registered an account with XM I thoroughly explored all the trading fees associated with the account I chose. The trading costs on this platform are by far lower than any other broker that I was considering.

Nguyen Ky

July 7, 2024

I usually trade only forex, and MT4 is absolutely fine by me and XM offers this chance which is great. But recently I started learning about stock CDFs and been willing to trade them, sadly I have to switch to MT5 now, will take a bit of adaptation but I think overall its for the better. The fact that both MT4 and MT5 are offered options shows how they care about comfort of the client, and I appreciate it!

Aimone Lucciano

July 4, 2024

those profound courses and live sessions provided by this broker play in the hand of even... me, the one who has already obtained skills in trading.
i imagine how rookies benefit from it, lol.

Thiago Paulo

July 4, 2024

Such a cool platform, didn’t feel like it from the beginning but it’s performing well

Kenyon Ryan

June 22, 2024

Hmm, it seems that this broker is loyal to novice traders. Because bonuses are more interested by beginners than experienced traders. Although I may be wrong.
By the way, to receive this bonus, there is no need to deposit your account. Although it seems to me that this bonus can be considered as compensation for those percentages that, for example, bank can charge for such transaction.


June 11, 2024

Best No deposit Bonus Ever...

Julio Santiago

June 11, 2024

I just looked up this promotion on the website and it is not available anymore... maybe it is a seasonal type of bonus. Another explanation is that it is not being offered in my jurisdiction.
But there are many more promos on the website that I think are more beneficial to traders than the no deposit bonus, which I believe is not practical. Not many traders will even bother trading an account that little, and those that can make the account into something, do not really care about it.
XM offers other bonuses such as deposit bonuses and even competitions and a free VPS service. I prefer the free VPS service and the competitions rather than a bonus I cannot withdraw.

David Zamana

June 8, 2024

Tbh I’m not interested in bonuses unless they are withdrawable. It’s because with the withdrawable bonuses at least you can trade a certain volume and get them on your account.
It sounds difficult but in reality if you have a good scalping strategy it’s totally doable. but it also depends on the amount of bonuses taken.
In general I wouldn’t recommend beginners to take any bonuses until they know how to trade.


May 23, 2024

Well, it is an interesting approach to get attention from beginners but not for me. Anyway, I’m sure it is a pleasure to get such bonuses but I would like to add that XM also offers many ways to make deposits and withdrawals through various payment methods. Personally I transfer money through cryptos and it is indeed convenient.

Ozakar Tayfur

May 10, 2024

I guess that explains it. Not everyone is eligible for the bonus, and this is mostly due to the regulations in the regions. In order to keep such a stellar reputation, the platform has to be compliant with all the regulatory guidelines.

Tremaine Wintheiser

May 8, 2024

$30 no deposit bonus sounds captivating.
Basically, I like that no-deposit bonuses because by making simple actions you can get additional money that can be traded and then profits made out of oyur trading can be withdrawn.
It's not surprising that XM broker offers such type of bonus since the company just confirms it commitment to being a user-friendly brokerage. That's why I am working with it =)


May 4, 2024

i won $250 but was declined to withdraw. my fault, didnt read tnc properly


April 13, 2024

they don t give anything,

Kenes Mitra

April 13, 2024

You know, I like sites like this one! It just says about bonuses and benefits that I can get from this broker and no more unnecessary information.
I see that bonus according to the description will work all year. And also here written everything I need to know to receive bonuses from broker.
And of course comments of other traders. I'm joining you guys!

Iwantha Sandakelum

March 22, 2024

XM is better.. Spreads are high but profit from bonuses can be availed through skrill withdrawal.

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