🎁 Capital Street Fx | 650% Tradable Bonus


Charlie Benetton

April 11, 2022

Best Trading bonus in my knowledge.

Richie Devilas

April 8, 2022

This is a good bonus. I got this bonus on my recent deposit of $3K. I'm happy with it, it's been 1.5 months and it's still in my account.

Senorita jones

April 4, 2022

It felt really amazing when I saw $6500 bonus credited to my trading account. I recently made a deposit of $1000 in hope to get a 650% as soon as I came to know about this promotional bonus. This bonus is not tradable but also gives 100% drawdown support. The leverage that I've been provided is of 1:1000 on my deposit as well as on promotional fund. They have more than a 1000 instruments in 6 asset class such as forex, stocks, indices, crypto, commodity and bonds. They support is good and platform is available in 3 different interface such as desktop app, web trader and mobile application. The most important thing is, they are regulated broker and have good review across internet ( I found mostly position feedbacks in my personal research before joining them).

Luis Marcus

March 31, 2022

This bonus is truly amazing. I got this on my last deposit of $3000. The leverage that comes with this bonus is 1000 times.


March 30, 2022

fast order setup; low spread; good liquidity; 0 withdraw commission

Anu Malik

March 23, 2022

I found them to be one of the most reliable brokers in the Industry, I tried with well-known brokers but was never satisfied with their services. Here at the capital street, their support is very helpful and approchable. Their other staff are also very professional and always helps you out whenever you are in need of.

Trade FX

March 22, 2022

This bonus is genuinely worth it. I'm very happy to have this bonus on my last deposit of $2000. I was provided a zero spread account with a fixed commission of 0.02% on all trades. I'm happy now!!


March 21, 2022

I'm really impressed with their bonus, it's really helped me in my initial days to keep practicing with real money with no fear of losing it.

Sun Luss

March 10, 2022

I'm associated with them from a long, they are good and honest. They help me out every time and I'm satisfied.

Nauman Ali

March 7, 2022

I'm very happy to get this bonus, I can confirm that this bonus can be claimed on a min deposit of $1000, the leverage is 1:1000 for all instruments, they have more than a 1000 instruments to offer.

Laura Voldert

February 26, 2022

Just received this bonus and I can confirm that they're offering this bonus on a min deposit of $1000..
Min deposit - $1000
Leverage - 1000x
Spread - Less than 1 pip
Commission: 0.01% fixed
Instruments - 1000 Plus
I'll keep updating my further experience here

Info Traders

February 24, 2022

This bonus is really amazing.
Simple, cost-effective, and easy to claim.

Suzie Bates

February 21, 2022

The account is spread free and the commission is fixed. It's 1:1000 leverage with this bonus.

Rahul Raina

February 11, 2022

This bonus is really helpful for the traders like me who have less capital and make to make a good profit. This is the only a bonus in the industry that supports drawdown too. I'm thankful to csfx for providing me with this bonus.

Holder Jason

February 11, 2022

Happy to be here with the capital street, Got this bonus yesterday and I'm happy by far, I'll keep updating things if I find anything unsual.

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