🎁 OANDA | BI Data Analysis Team Lead

  • Link: BI Data Analysis Team Lead from OANDA

  • Dates: All year 2020.
  • Job location: Krakow, Poland.
  • Job description: Develop data oriented. Solve complex business problems leading to data-driven decision making. Lead a team of 4-to-5 independent data analysts to devise strategies and best practices. Answer high-level business questions and gain insights. Perform data analysis and modeling, create reporting and visualizations, and educate the company. Influence the company’s strategic direction. Support the activities related to data and end user adoption of BI applications. Develop data-integration processes to integrate disparate datasets into a cohesive data model. Participate in planning sessions to develop use cases and requirements. Create prototypes leveraging Big Data, traditional database technologies and alternative solutions. Identify and apply statistical and advanced analytical methods enabling action-oriented results. Implement processes and tools to ensure process maturity and best practices are followed. Lead design discussions related to business intelligence and database solutions. Drive decisions through to completion.


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