🎁 Weltrade | 15 Years Anniversary Demo Contest

  • Link: 15 Years Anniversary Demo Contest from Weltrade

  • Available to: All clients.

  • Contest dates: August 8 - November 14, 2021
  • Registration open: Until November 14, 2021
  • Duration: 15 weeks. 1 week each stage with prizes every week.
  • To participate: Participation is free.

  • Prizes: The prizes are given weekly as follows:

    1st place - $1500 USD
    2nd place - $1200 USD
    3rd place - $1000 USD
    4th place - $800 USD
    5th place - $600 USD
    6th place - $500 USD
    7th place - $400 USD
    8th place - $300 USD
    9th place - $200 USD
    10th place - $100 USD
    11th to 20th place - $100 USD
    21st to 60th place - $35 USD
    61st to 100th place - $25 USD
  • How to get: 1 500 contestants with the highest account balances will win every week.

  • Withdrawal: The bonus funds can be used for trading and are not available for withdrawal. The profit from trading on bonus funds is available for withdrawal. Withdrawal of profits gained from trading using bonus funds is limited to $3 000 maximum.


Ojo Adedipe

October 3, 2021

Ishfa, Raheel, MD Mintu, MD Asif, & 'Participants' you are all liars! There are many participants in this contest every week and they don't come here to complain. After you guys involved in dubious practices you want them to justify you, in the name of threat to defame them and cause disrepute to their company, just because you have platforms where you can freely write somewhere without being charged, right? Why are you not using your real name. Stop being dubious and face a reality! Follow the proper rule and you will get your profit.

Rahmatollah Bamad

August 10, 2021




weltrade is scamer
Rahmatollah Bamad
[email protected]
Cindy 16:38
Hello! How can I help you?
Rahmatollah Bamad 16:38

Dear Rahmatollah,

We are forced to announce that according to paragraph 21.5.2. of the Client Agreement you have been disqualified from 15 Years Demo Contest due to violation of the following paragraphs of the Contest Rules:

21.2.3. The Participant undertakes not to open more than one contest account.

21.6.6. The Сontest commission reserves the right to disqualify the Participant if attempts to make profit using particularities of trading conditions and trading equipment are identified, multiple accounts or the management of several accounts is detected (for example, if 2 or more contest accounts work from one IP address).

Should you have additional questions feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you round the clock 7 days a week!

you send me this email
Or really prove that I did it against your rules
Cindy 16:43
It is a decision of contest commission, for obvious security reasons no additional information can be provided.
Rahmatollah Bamad 16:44
I just opened an account, please give me $ 1,200 my prize, otherwise I will write scams on Forex sites (bestforexbonus &100forexbrokers). Or really prove that I did it against your rules
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July 3, 2021

Fraud broker. Its working on the scam


July 2, 2021

Not good broker ... I have won but they block my profile. they did not paid large amount just they paying small amount


February 13, 2021

Very scam broker. Don't wast your time to trading this contest. I will get place in 7th on contest winner list. After my account is finally block.

Md Asif

February 3, 2021

They dont give prize very bed broker


January 12, 2021

this is just like bitcoin contest.
because all participants with the highest balance rely on bitcoin hunting.
there is no spirit of competition

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