🎁 Gerchik & Co | FX Intensive (In Russian)

  • Link: FX Intensive from Gerchik & Co (In Russian)Gerchik & Co Forex Bonus

  • Available to: All clients.

  • Offer: Get access for free to this video program that will help you to improve your trading skills. The program is designed to be divided in 7 days, so you learn in a structured way as follows:

    Day 1 – How the market works. Financial goals.
    Day 2 – Maths of trading systems. Financial blocks.
    Day 3 – Market entry points. Psychological trading.
    Day 4 – ATR: Timing and volatility. How not to miss on already accumulated profits.
    Day 5 – Writing a trading algorithm.
    Day 6 – Working from home and eliminate common pains of traders.
    Day 7 – Summarizing. Psychological methods.
  • How to get: Watch them online for free.


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