🎁 eToro | Senior AML/CTF Financial Crime Compliance Officer

  • Link: Senior AML/CTF Financial Crime Compliance Officer from eToro

  • Dates: All year 2022
  • Job location: Germany.
  • Job description: Ensure compliance with relevant regulations in the German and European AML and fraud space. Implement controls to prevent money laundering, fraud and financing of terrorism. Draft and maintain corporate governance documents as well as assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the company’s compliance measures. Report the effectiveness of compliance procedures, identified shortcomings, provision and analysis of appropriate management Information, and regulatory updates. Provide regulatory advice on new products/services to be offered by the Company. Ensure that the Company has appropriate Policies and Procedures that are in line with regulatory requirements. Create and develop of a uniform undertaking-specific risk assessment. Establish clear reporting lines. Implement ongoing transactions monitoring plan. Investigate transactions which are particularly complex or large or which are implemented without any obvious economic or legal purpose. Review all Suspicious Activity Reports on the Company’s customers, and where appropriate, reporting to the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit.