🎁 Swissquote | Sr eFX Trader

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  • Dates: All year 2023
  • Job location: Gland, Switzerland.
  • Job description: Design and operate automated pricing logics with the specificities of various asset classes and the system as a whole, liquidity sourcing and distribution systems and automated risk management system. Contribute to the technical and commercial conceptualization of a holistic approach to further integrate and unify the above systems. Understand and conceptualize interdependencies between pricing, liquidity, risk, and profitability. Accordingly design and operate pricing logics as a function of risk, flow, volatility, risk hedging logics as a function of flow, liquidity and volatility. Improve real time risk metrics and other functionalities of a multi asset risk book. Conduct statistical analysis on flow, liquidity, risk and profitability with big data sets and introduce new statistical approaches. Quote and execute client orders. Manage the positions of the bank held at the prime brokers in collaboration with the treasury department.