🎁 FxPro | Transaction Monitoring Analyst

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  • Dates: All year 2023
  • Job location: London, UK.
  • Job description: Review transactions to identify any Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing cautionary flags and escalate cases which requires further review by the next level. Perform risk-based reviews on transaction monitoring cases, analyze trends and mitigate ML/TF risks with clear and concise narrative. Ensure closure of alerts with appropriate closure remarks/comments. Ensure investigators are following the appropriate escalation mechanisms and alert resolution processes. Conduct Quality Assurance of closed AML alerts using a sampling methodology. Keep abreast of related laws, regulations and best practices pertaining to Anti-Money Laundering/Combating of Terrorism Financing and Contribute by giving suggestions to enhance systems, methodologies, and process simplification. Identify and assess possible Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing risks that may arise in relation to new products, services, business practices and delivery mechanisms. Build test and enforce transaction monitoring rules based on the needs of the business, and review test and suggest amendments to the existing rules based on the ongoing evaluation of the system in place and the generated alerts.