🎁 FxPro | Junior Dealer

  • Link: Junior Dealer from FxPro

  • Dates: All year 2023
  • Job location: Ypsonas, Cyprus.
  • Job description: Monitor the market and be informed on all economic events, market holidays. Arrange for any adjustments to be made. Implement the Internal Regulations and procedures of the company for the Execution Department and ensure that the Order Execution Policy for the financial instruments is followed. Ensure that the company’s Trading Platforms are operational and provide updated information throughout on prices and news. Monitor requotes and slippage given during the news, during opening on Sunday, as well as spreads throughout the day. Change the settings on FxCore PE, QAdmin, BMM etc. Close expired future orders on all servers (demo and real) upon expires. Ensure that the company’s Risk Management Committee and Risk Manager can have reliable and up to date information. Monitor the Capital Adequacy of the company and inform the relevant persons in case it drops below threshold. Ensure the Company’s hedged exposure is correct and accurate. Answer calls and emails from clients and deal with their requests or complaints.