🎁 PU Prime | Euro 2024

  • Link: Euro 2024 from PU Prime

  • Dates: Until July 14, 2024.
  • Available to: All clients.

  • To participate: During the entire campaign period, clients have the opportunity to participate in predicting the outcomes of a total of 51 matches (comprising 36 Group Matches, 8 Round Of 16, 4 Quarter-Final Matches, 2 Semi-Final Matches, and 1 Final Match). Guessing for each match will commence at least 24 working hours before the scheduled kick-off time of the match.

  • Prizes: The Credit Bonus Voucher(s) awarded to the client will be determined by the number of participants in predicting the outcomes of the matches, hence, if there are 5 participants, the prize will be $5 USD. The prize is capped at $50 USD in despite of the number of participants.

    Participants are eligible to receive additional rewards upon achieving specific numbers of correct predictions as follows:
    For 5 correct predictions get a $5 USD trade loss voucher.
    For 10 correct predictions get 2x$5 USD trade loss vouchers.
    For 15 correct predictions get 3x$5 USD trade loss vouchers.

    For 40 correct predictions get 8x$5 USD trade loss vouchers.
    For 45 correct predictions get 9x$5 USD trade loss vouchers.
    For 50 correct predictions get 10x$5 USD trade loss vouchers.

    Additionally, participants will be ranked according to the vouchers’ value they have accrued through the aforementioned activities and will receive additional cash as follows:

    1st place: $500 USD
    2nd place: $400 USD
    3rd place: $300 USD
    4th place: $200 USD
    5th place: $100 USD
    6th place: $50 USD
    7th place: $40 USD
    8th place: $30 USD
    9th place: $20 USD
    10th place: $10 USD
  • How to get: Guess the maximum number of matches.

  • Other conditions: Seasonal


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