🎁 Gwazy League | Live Contests (Day, Week, Month)

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  • Link: Contests from Gwazy League

  • Available to: all

  • Contest dates: Daily, weekly and monthly
  • Registration open: All year 2021. Follow calendar for each specific round.
  • Duration: One day.
  • To participate: Free participation for all (no deposits required)

  • Prizes: 1st place – A real account up to $500 USD.
  • How to get: End with the highest profit % and open no less than 50 positions.

  • Withdrawal: Yes.
  • Other conditions:collect coins to redeem for more balance and to get closer to wining.



October 29, 2015

If you looking for a way to learn about the financial markets? Or for a way to make an extra income?

The Gwazy League is a fun game which teaches you how to trade while giving you the chance to win great prizes.

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