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Martin J.

February 27, 2019

about forexchief enjoyed its leverage system and its various types of accounts, I have the classic and it has been very good, has low commissions and a group of people trained to help users...currently I still use it and for now I do not think I'll change it for another


February 25, 2019

Very fast bonus from Forexchief. My account was credited after following the process. I installed a QR scanner and scanned the code on my account page. Walla!!! the bonus was sent to me ($100) free. I want to thank Forexchief. They did not even ask for verification as other brokers do. One other broker made me submit three documents for a small $25 and they even rejected them. And here I got $100 without uploading anything. I love this broker for keeping things so real. I am now trading on a live account without spending any money. Perfect start!!

Jasmine M.

February 18, 2019

So far forexchief has provided me with a good service, I was able to download my bonus for skrill and other transactions effectively, it has a leverage system according to the needs of the user, and tools such as fx signals that complement the benefits of its m4 platform


February 13, 2019

This is the best broker I have seen, tHANK YOUFOR COMING WITH SUCH BROKER that can change people's life


February 12, 2019

I opened a classic account and deposited money into it and it does not take orders can someone help

Olatunji Salisu

February 12, 2019

AYOMII please can you help with your WhatsApp contact I want to ask you some questions questions because I want to open an account with this broker to take advantage of the bonus here is my WhatsApp and Telegram Contact +23481150542696


February 11, 2019

Hello dear fellow traders around the world, first and foremost I'm using this golden medium to appreciate the efforts and opportunity given to me by fpa to bring my case to this honorable traders court because you guys really doing great job here as you provide the platform to clarify issues as not to label good broker as bad and bad broker as good, by doing this you are kudos from my side here and I pray the God Almighty shall continue rewards and bless you all abundantly IJMN!!! Now I'm happy to inform you all that forex chief has resolved my issue just now and by doing this I see their sincerity, loyalty and faithful to their clients around the world and I learnt one thing about this broker through this issue honestly guys this broker is fantastic good and great and if any error occurs and you can defend or proof yourself to them that you are innocent honestly they will help clarify those issues you might have with them without any hassle and if it's a withdrawal you shall surely and fastly be paid as they've just done to me now. I will rob this honourable court if I decide to mute and hold my peace on what went wrong and how forex chief faithfully and sincerely solved it this morning and paid me my withdrawal in full I mean in total full and every error has been corrected. This is what went wrong that made them to canceled my withdrawal from a first instance, they discovered that my ip address is the same with some of their clients accts that have already claimed the bonus once and according to their rule of paragraph 9 quoted "that you are only liable to get this bonus once ........and so on" so when they saw that my ip address is d same with those accts then it's clear that I was trying to fraud them and get the bonus many times. So that's their honourabke reason. But when this platform gave both of us chance to defend our issue then it's clear to see where the wrong actually came from and its a poor network providers in my proud nation called Nigeria that are still lagging in their operations as they provide the same ip address for every blessed person that subscribe for their internet connectivity. If my nation's network provider are up to the task and updated in their operations then they wld have been able to produce each of their subscribers with a different ip address that will not be resemble with others but here in my country Nigeria the reverse is the case. And there is no how for forex chief from their headquarter in oversea to have acknowledge this or knowing this before because it has not be so in all developed countries across the world so when they saw those ip address in some of the accts operation they easily concluded that I've collected the bonus once and therefore couldn't entitle to get it again and that's why they canceled my withdrawal and on this reason I'm deeply sorry for wrong labbelling and accusation against forex chief as a scam, I'm a sincere person too and I hate accused wrongly so at this point I withdrew all my bad words against them and I'm using this golden medium to tell traders globally that forex chief is very safe to deal with and your capital is well preserved and saved too with them and your withdrawal is their first priority with them as well. It's my nation's network providers that caused this issue and I o thank forex chief for their professional etique and conduct during this trial I'm this honourabke traders court that they really helped out this issue and this made me to believe in them more seriously even than the rest brokers that I'm dealing with presently. Pls dear all don't ever think that I've been paid to write this No!!! Not at all because I'm more than that and I hate cheating and I like helping others too. So if forex chief did not faithfully and sincerely approach this issue with sincerity this issue might end up unsolved and it might be on the other way round though I already have an alternative in order to fight them with my last drop of blood within me if it's not solve here but I belive in fpa so much that I first chose their platform in submitting my complaint and them transfer it to traders court here. All I'm saying is that forex chief is a good broker and sincere group of people I kudos you all from my side here kindly keep it up because you have my trust now absolutely 100% and I can introduce you to anyone around the world in this industry as the most safer and trysted broker to deal with. Once again forex chief I'm grateful to you and I kudos you for a professional approach to my issue we shall surely go a long way in this business and all profited by the grace of Almighty God. Keep your integrity up as a broker and in few years time you will surely be a broker to be challenged because you shall fly higher and higher in Jesus mighty name. Fpa more elbow to your strength IJMN!!! Keep it up you, can see the good work and the reason why you came to on board now I'm so grateful for your freely service you are offering us in this industry we really needed you much around keep it up. It's well with us all.


February 7, 2019

Hello dear fellow traders, Pls beware of this chief of thiefs broker that called themselves forexchief.com they are just criminal and thief. I want you all to read my complaint about them to fpa platform : "Hello dear fpa members, forex chief scammed and fraudulently canceled my withdrawal with false allegation and fraudulently reason. I heard of them 2wks ago and I joined them and got their no deposit bonus with verified documents. I traded their requirements turnover on the bonus which is 10,000,000 $ within 8 trading days with the total of $469 in my acct and on their site it shows I've completed the turnover and I made a withdrawal of my profits through perfect money yesterday's morning but to my surprise when I checked my acct yesterday's night I saw that they have fraudulently canceled my withdrawal and given falsehood reason that I've got their bonus before and I quickly chat their support up to submit my query and complaint and dmthe guy told me that there's nothing he can do as regards my query that I shld create a ticket over the issue and I did immediately even supported it with email too and this morning I got another frauds reply from them that through their technical logs they see that I have connection with two different accts number which they they gave as 1156726, 1152322 and asked me to tell them my relationship with those two accts. I was shocked to see the new level of fraudulent attitude of this cursed and criminal broker by asking me to tell them my relationship with those accts that I knew absolutely nothing about!!! Honestly this broker ought not to be registered at all because they are nothing but rogue, thief, criminal and filled with lies because I don't know those two acct numbers they gave and never get their bonus before as this is my first time of knowing them and got their bonus and I carefully and properly obeyed all their rules and I executed my wealth of knowledge in this forex business and withing 8 trading days I fulfilled their requirements and now they just decided not to pay me my profit after I've made a lots of money for them too with all their hidden extra commissions on every trades I made on that acct. Pls dear fpa kindly help me look into this and take it up because the stress in forex is much for us to have a fraud and criminal broker around us today. In order to save many from their traps this broker needed to dealt with and blow the whistle for other traders across the world to be scary and beware of them. Infact they are more criminal than all I've ever encountered in my trading live experience. Pls I beseech all traders to be wary of them and never come close to forex chief because they are criminal and the level of their frauds is extremely high. And Pls dear fellow traders if you know any other more ways that I can sue this broker Pls kindly help me out, it's not because of me anymore because I already fell into their trap but because of many innocent traders who may still fall into their traps and give them their hard earned money we needed to label them as they deserved. I replied them immediately to tell me the names of those two accts they alleged me to already had with the bonus and up till now I've not see their reply, even the mail I sent I got the reply that it's beyond what they can handle that I shld create a tickets which I've done many times but no solution to my query. Therefore fellow traders beware of this forex chief as they are indeed chief of all scam as at today and let's all run away from them. If this is how fxopen, instaforex and many other good brokers started their brokerage business since I know for sure they will not be where they are today with good reputation. Pls dear fpa help me out if you can to blow this whistle out in order to help other traders across the world. Thanks a lot." that's my encounter with them and up till now no single reply from them. They are thief and never go near them either to get any bonus from them or entrust your hard earned money with them, they r not safe to deal with anymore


January 25, 2019

I could withdraw my 100usd within one month. Very reliable broker.

Gerald Mukere

January 20, 2019

Trading conditions though hard these guys are very legit. I managed to withdraw after meeting their condition. Just survive the market with a balance of at least $200 and once you reach your turnover you will get your money within a day without question


January 19, 2019

Best Broker

Tella truth

January 16, 2019

Y'all talk nonsense who is so desperate to trade 50lots for 100$. I did my calculations here, with spread + commission that these cunts charge is +-12$ per 1lot, and in order to reach that 10 000 000USD whatever they require you need about 50lots.
Now let's calculate: +-12$ per 1lot x 50lots = +-600$.
$600+ your $100 = $700... So basically you need to make this amount.
This is not a no deposit but a scam for you to make money for them.
Be mindful of this. If you think you can endure 50lots for 100$ then Good luck.


January 15, 2019

wow i got bonus so fast and easy wow


January 10, 2019

forex chief is a scam they make money with you when you meet the turnover required and withdraw they decline your request and claim some violation

please dont use this broker

Ronald Dehian

January 9, 2019

One of the best bonus offers out there!

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