🎁 InstaForex | $3,500 STARTUP No-Deposit Bonus



June 17, 2020

If I lose the 1000$ bunos the first day, will I be charged?


June 12, 2020

Its as a scam i made over 2000usd in profit and they started giving me complicated conditions i deposit to claim my profit? Common thats rediculus

IFX Yvonne

May 7, 2020

Hello Arnold,

We kindly ask you to please refrain from accusing us. Our company has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers.


May 6, 2020

1000% Scammmm

IFX Yvonne

May 4, 2020

Hello Veteran Trader,

Please refrain from accusing us. Our company has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers. If you have a concern about your trading account, please allow us to help you.

veteren trader

April 29, 2020

sila keluarkan instaforex dari page promotion anda.
Instaforex is big scammer
Dont let other crying.

IFX Yvonne

April 24, 2020

Hello Ishara,

You would get StartUp bonus 110% from your deposit. So, the total account balance would be 50 + 55 = 105 USD. Profit would be distributed between your own funds and bonus funds in the same proportion. If the total profit after the deposit would be 1000 USD, about 475 USD would be your own profit, as your own funds and 524 - bonus. If you would not trade enough volume of trades to withdraw the bonus funds and the bonus profit, you would be able to withdraw your deposited funds (50 USD) and your part of profit - 476 USD.


April 21, 2020

IFX Yvonne

I read your terms and conditions regards to your terms for the Startup bonus $500 ,

And want clarify some info

Please just assume If i without doing your X*3 lots and after i make the deposit of $50 within 7 days and if i made $1000 from it and if i want to withdraw the profits and what would be the proportional profit devidence between the company an me



April 21, 2020

IFX Yvonne

Hi ,
If i made $1000 profits from your no deposit and if i made a deposit of $50 within 7 days and if i didnt do X*3 Lots, what would be the Profit proportional between company and me for $1000 profit ??

IFX Yvonne

March 5, 2020

Hi Abraham,

Please check the email box you specified when registering your account. You can withdraw profits from trading this bonus in accordance with the Bonus Agreement.


February 28, 2020

I got 1000usd bonus and made 2500usd profit on the second day.. suddenly i was told i can not withdraw the profit even after completing the trade lots and depositing the required amount.. The conditions are not clear enough.. for me its a waste of time doing trade with this broker until they can clarify their conditions..


February 23, 2020

They keep changing the conditions of this fake offer.When I fell for it last year there was no requirement of a deposit.Furthermore,if you have to deposit money ,it is not a "No deposit bonus".For your own good,don't believe a word instaforex says.Don't worry my friends.god will punish these liars and scammers.


February 22, 2020

You must deposit before 7 days.if you donot deposit all of your bonus and profits will convert to dmo.danger of scam.....

IFX Yvonne

February 17, 2020

Dear Aminul,

Please refrain from accusing us. The trading account will be converted to demo account once a trader haven't replenished his/her trading account in 7 days after the bonus is received. Could you specify your trading account so we can check your account?


February 11, 2020

Complete Scam!!!!! Dont waste your time.

Once I made $600 they turn it to Demo account and asking to open Live account.

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