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Warning: the terms for profit withdrawal (volume requirements) are too high to meet.

  • Link: $100 no-deposit bonus from PaxForex

  • Dates: all year 2012
  • Bonus: $100 no-deposit bonus
  • How to get: register a live account with PaxForex

  • Withdrawal: profits can be withdrawn
  • Other conditions: volume requirements apply in order to avoid bonus expiration after 1 month.


Svitlana ILLimitata

May 11, 2017

Hello , I want to share my trading result with paxforex broker , I have been trading forex for more than 7 years , but with paxforex i found something different , no one can deny that paxforex is a very good broker as it’s in the market since 2011 till now , if it wasn’t good it was never going to last in the market all that time , the first thing that made me comfortable while trading with paxforex is that they are real ECN and STP not market maker or dealing desk , so i wasn’t worry that they will be trading against me to get more money , they get their commission only from the spread you pay when you open a trade and the swap , and their spreads area really competitive , as for me when I was trading on standard account eur/usd spread most of the time on 0.5-0.9 except the news time , i don’t trade the news as its risky so for me that spread was more than enough in order not to lose any fees on the trades , other thing . they don’t take commission at all when you open trades like other companies do , very good support team and account managers who provide the best service ever , i can find them on the live chat and emails 24/5 any time i needed them they reply , one of the good things also they provide daily signals and analysis for the market directly to your email to make you aware about everything going , I use their signals beside my trades and seriously its all the time winning trades , thanks again for their analyzing team , even their bonus not like any bonus in any other company , they provide 100% of bonus if you deposited more than 1200$ on monthly bases , which means each month you get part from that bonus , and it’s not blocking your account from withdrawal at all , easily I send email to their accounting team to deduct the bonus to withdraw some of my funds and then they add it back , in the end I really wish them all success and to continue working forever .


July 14, 2014

I joined paxforex in 2014, onething I surely know, they always answer my question by email very fast, very good support, they always helping whenever I'm in trouble.

Andrey Popof

June 11, 2013

I like this broker, thumbs up! :)

Dutch trader.

January 25, 2013

I have to give 3 stars. They are offshore so the will not share your information with 3rd party. Yes you get re-quotes and spread is high many times during the night but during the day it is 18 or 20 points on EURUS this is very normal and possible to trade. They give 100% bonus on first deposit and 25% on every next deposit. To take out bonus of your account you have to trade in 2 months a certain amount of full lots. The rule is that if you deposit 100 dollar you must close 20 full lots in 2 months. 100/5=20, or 1000/5=200 ect ect, this is the amount of full lots to be closed with in 2 months. I made almost 50% gain in the last week i traded with Paxforex and i closed total of 25 full lots. I still don't know if they will return my money, i did not try this at the moment so far, but if they don't, then nobody will ever be trading again with them and they will not earn money so i see no reason for them to be so stupid to do this. They already earn mor efrom me then the bonus they gave me on all the spread i payed and swap. There is no reason for them to steal for their clients. If they get more clients then they can offer better trading conditions. but if i look on this site and all the people only talking about this free 100 dollar then i don't know if it is possible for them to get bigger and better. I don't think people that are only here giving less then 1 star or complain about that Paxforex is a scam broker because they had problems with their free 100 dollar, should not be taken serious and their comments should be deleted i think. Paxforex is offshore, always respond fast when you send @mail and i always seen them in the chat within a minit. Yes High spreas and requotes are their and also very annoying, but their are also some things that are also nice. so my decision is that i give 3 stars for now. Succes.


December 6, 2012

Im not really shure about all the bad thinks they are talking about. Because i had no any of problems with this broker. Of course its not easy to get withdrawn profit from free bonus account, but as we know nothing is free in this world. So i think all people are talking about free non deposit bonus and screaming how broker bad is. Stop screaming and do some real thing. But if we are talking about real trading their system is fear and easy for long term traders, and as i said i newer had problems there.


October 14, 2012

They are not updating the website also. How can they will be a genuine company even though they are not keeping eye on their own website. ???
look this link, today's date is Oct 14, 2012. The link is not updated from 27 January 2012.
If they are not not taking part any contest, why they didn't removed the link ??
Do you think this company is well organized ??

Mohsen Abbes

August 1, 2012



July 18, 2012

Paxforex hide there no deposit promotionals on there web site.
Just found on the PaxForex website. 100$ Free no deposit promotional expire 31 of July 2012


April 12, 2012



April 5, 2012

Have open with them an account ,aplied for " be online bonus " ,afer login to MT4 surprise "a saw the green man ",
I.m very suspicios is a demo account !

It s imposible to withdraw your profit from this account!!!


March 13, 2012


ali ahmadi

March 4, 2012

unforgettably they really just scam scam !!!!!!!

ali ahmadi

March 4, 2012

I had worked 169$ with a 100$ bonus but after one month they do not allow me access my account and do trade anymore and when I talked to them they just repeat their own word.
I am so sorry chose this broker they just repeat one thing and I think its relay dishonesty.


February 28, 2012

This broker is just gaining money through our trades, they cant reach 1000 trades in a month. When you want to close a gaining oreder, you get this message "Modification denied. Order is too close to market." I dont know what really this means

fx guru

January 20, 2012

this bonus really works for me!!! i've made 50$ profit during 1 month and fulfilled all withdrawal requirements. So I suppose some traders just can't met their rules and after that wrote negative posts here. Keep trading and stop making untruth post here, this is my advice to traders!

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