🎁 Grand Capital | "Rally trade" Daily Demo contest

  • Link: One day contest – Rally trade from Grand Capital

  • Registration open: all year 2021
  • Contest is held: every 2 weeks on Thursday
  • Duration: 1 day
  • To participate: register a demo account

  • Prizes: 1 - $500 + no deposit required
    2 - $200 when opening an account and depositing $200
    3 - $150 when opening an account and depositing $150
    4 - $125 when opening an account and depositing $125
  • How to get: make the highest profits during the contest.

  • Withdrawal: 1 - 3 places - can withdraw prize money any time.



September 4, 2019

Biggest scam contest.
Keep off


November 12, 2018

big big big big scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


October 17, 2013

the trading server is not open yet thats why last time i wasnt able to open
the execution speed is fast on demo mode


October 17, 2013

cant open a trade at rally contest ??? always rejected


August 27, 2013

Poor Server, Slow execution (much slower), unethical scripts running at server's end, which will cause your trade get auto-closed without any notice or stop orders. Non-Responsive support.

In each and every competition the winner is from russia, with impossible lead.


January 26, 2013


LOL! i've participated this week, been on rank #1 for the almost the whole damn game until 8 minutes before the contest ended - then BANG! magically, a russian name surpassed me with a HUGE lead, impossible to reach. well, this contest is really impossible to win. hey, there are no account statements, you can't check the others,

The "winner" has been around, and i have watched his progresses and declines.. the markets absolutely did not provide a chance for such a gain he finally knocked me with. There was a huge move in eur/jpy that time; he would be able to make such a profit only if he traded both ways, or at least if the long moves maxed out with all margin (avoid stopout at 100%) from the downmost pip to the absolute top - simply said, to have a gain close to the one he had, he'd have to close/reopen the trades.. and that would appear in the running ranking.

ONLY #1 PLACEMENT IS ACTUALLY AWARDED with a prize, haha the 2nd place? a $900 bonus (never ever withdrawable) in case i send $900 cash to them! so in fact, just increased leverage!!!!

so they care the #1 award NEVER has to be paid.

try it - if you are lucky enough to be on #1, some ghost winner will shoot you down magically just a minute before the contest closes!


September 11, 2012

the russians!
watch this week , i'll win , if not this competition is bullshit
now 1st in fibogroup 2month challenge


September 11, 2012

My friends
watch this week , i know how to win, my persian algorithm!


December 14, 2011

they r cheating !


October 28, 2011

impossible to win


September 2, 2011

To participate go to: http://grandcapital.net/actions/rally_trade/
and click on the green button "Open competitive account"

Muhammad Iqbal

September 2, 2011

I want to participate. this is my email address: [email protected]

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