🎁 eToro | Cyber Resilience Manager

  • Link: Cyber Resilience Manager from eToro

  • Dates: Until December 31, 2018.
  • Job location: Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Job description: Manage the implementation of business continuity management, penetration testing and cyber incident response management (IRM). Build & manage traditional disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Assess, design, and implement resilient architectures for the company. Collect data, write and mange Resilience, Crisis and Business Continuity (CBC) plans. Coordinate the development of regional Business Impact Analysis (BIA). Maintain a good understanding of global threats and risks and how they may impact business activities. Provide training and oversight to business continuity coordinators. Engage in war gaming simulations, technology transformation, resilience assessment, resilient design, impact analysis, risk analysis, service continuity, plan documentation, and testing and failover automation activities.