🎁 CXM Trading | Warm winter promotion (In Chinese)

  • Link: Warm winter promotion from CXM Trading (In Chinese)

  • Dates: Until January 31, 2021.
  • Available to: All clients.

  • Prizes: Get one of the following prizes depending on the tier:

    Tier 1: Win a Mercedes Benz AMG C63
    Tier 2: Win a Cartier, a Rolex or a IWC Top Gun
    Tier 3: Win a 100G Gold Bar AU9999, a Hermes handbag or a Cartier Love bracelet
    Tier 4: Win a Rongtai Massage Chair, an original Chinese scroll or a Cartier ring
    Tier 5: Win an iPhone 12 Pro Max, a Microsoft Surface Pro x 8GB 256GB or a MacBook Pro 512GB
    Tier 6: Win an iPhone 12 Pro Max, a MacBook Pro 256GB or an iMac 3.6Ghz 256GB 21.5
    Tier 7: Win an iPhone 12, a Mate Pro 40 or a Macbook Air 1.1Ghz i3 256GB
    Tier 8: Win an iPhone 12 mini, an Apple Watch 6 or an iPad Air
    Tier 9: Win an Apple Watch SE, a Nintendo Switch or a Decay treadmill
    Tier 10: Win a Lego Mickey Mouse set, a Lego City set or a Phillips water purifier
    Tier 11: Win a Phillips vacuum, an Apple homepod mini or a MIJI suitcase
    Tier 12: Win a Midea heater, a MUJI scarf or a Panasonic face steamer
  • How to get: Request to participate and meet the following deposit and trading conditions in accordance with the tier you want participate:

    Tier 1: Deposit $1,000,000 USD and trade 60,000 lots
    Tier 2: Deposit $380,000 USD and trade 11,000 lots
    Tier 3: Deposit $250,000 USD and trade 7,500 lots
    Tier 4: Deposit $200,000 USD and trade 2,800 lots
    Tier 5: Deposit $150,000 USD and trade 1,700 lots
    Tier 6: Deposit $120,000 USD and trade 1,400 lots
    Tier 7: Deposit $100,000 USD and trade 1,000 lots
    Tier 8: Deposit $80,000 USD and trade 900 lots
    Tier 9: Deposit $50,000 USD and trade 700 lots
    Tier 10: Deposit $30,000 USD and trade 500 lots
    Tier 11: Deposit $20,000 USD and trade 200 lots
    Tier 12: Deposit $10,000 USD and trade 100 lots