🎁 Investizo | "Three-Day Winner" Online Tournament

  • Link: Three-Day Winner from Investizo

  • Available to: All clients.

  • Contest dates: Follow schedule
  • Duration: Three days.
  • To participate: Register an account and pay the entry fee of $15 USD.

  • Prizes: The prizes will be paid with 90% of the entry fees collected and allocated as follows:

    1st place 25%
    2nd place 15%
    3rd place 10%
    4th place 8.2%
    5th place 6.15%
    6th place 5%
    7th place 3.9%
    8th place 3.3%
    9th place 2.9%
    10th place 2.55%
    11th place 2.25%
    12th place 2%
    13th place 1.8%
    14th place 1.7%
    15th place 1.5%
    16th to 20th place 1% each
    21st to 25th place 0.5% each
    26th to 30th place 0.25% each
  • How to get: End with the highest balance.

  • Withdrawal: Yes.



March 30, 2021

Very Scam Broker . No matter how much profit you make, admins do more than that. So you can never win. I urge you not to waste time and money by investing here.

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