🎁 Lirunex | "Go for Gold" Gold rewards

  • Link: Go for Gold from Lirunex

  • Dates: June 16, 2021 – August 31, 2021
  • Available to: New and existing clients.

  • Offer: Get any of the following rewards:

    1g Gold Bar (limited to 20 participants)
    3g Gold Bar (limited to 10 participants)
    5g Gold Bar (limited to 5 participants)
  • How to get: Meet the following deposit and volume trading conditions (within one month):

    Deposit $1,000 USD and trade 10 lots to get the 1g Gold Bar
    Deposit $3,000 USD and trade 30 lots to get the 3g Gold Bar
    Deposit $5,000 USD and trade 50 lots to get the 5g Gold Bar


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