🎁 XGLOBAL | Forex Battle Demo Contest

  • Link: Forex Battle Demo Contest from XGLOBAL

  • Available to: All clients.

  • Contest dates: July 12, 2021 – July 23, 2021
  • Registration open: Until July 23, 2021
  • Duration: 2 weeks.
  • To participate: Simply register to the contest.

  • Prizes: 1st place – $3,000 USD
    2nd to 99th place – $9,000 USD divided among them.
  • How to get: End with the highest equity.

  • Withdrawal: Yes, after trading 1 lot for each $2.50 USD of prize.


Constant Reader

July 11, 2021

To XGLOBAL FX Official Support team,
In yours terms and trading conditions;
"14.All normal strategies and Expert Advisors are allowed."
We got trouble with it.We try to use EA as order management, but it didn't work.
In experts journal says " Auto trading disabled by server". We try it in another account, and it works nicely.
If we placed manual trading it's work perfectly.

For previous contest, they pay prizes as promised.
Very good broker, 5 stars without doubt!

Thank you

XGLOBAL FX Official Support

July 9, 2021

Hello All,

MyFavour has the correct understanding. Profits earned from trading the prize can be withdrawn. In addition, while the prize itself cannot initially be withdrawn but it can be converted to withdrawable balance by trading volume at the rate of 2.50 USD per round turn lot.

As for the comments of arcond it seems you are referring to terms from another broker. Our terms can be found on the contest page as well as the registration page. They have been carefully written and we will honour them exactly as they are.

Many clients have won money, traded and successfully withdrawn from our previous contests, and you can too!

We welcome anyone eligible to sign up. There is a high chance of winning a prize.

Best regards,
XGLOBAL FX Official Support


July 4, 2021

Actually, you need to understand the points making here.
Profit made from prize money (or winning money) is available for withdrawal. For example, if you come first your prize money is $3000. If after trading you grow it to $4000, then you can withdraw $1000, being your profit made. But you can't withdraw the $3000, but you can also withdraw it. If you have traded 10 lots before gaining the $1000, then you can withdraw $25 from the $3000 prize money (because you need to trade 1 lot to withdraw $2.50 from your prize money), meaning that you can in all withdraw $1025 leaving the amount of $2975 you cannot withdraw, provided that you traded 10 lots to make $4000 from the prize money of $3000. But you can withraw the entire $3000 provided that you traded (3000/2.5) lots, and the prize money has not been lost. Do you now understand?

Dumle Ereba

July 1, 2021

Five star


July 1, 2021

Compare with this :
" 21.3.5. The bonus funds can be used for trading and are not available for withdrawal. The profit from trading on bonus funds is available for withdrawal.
21.3.6. Withdrawal of profits gained from trading using bonus funds is limited to $3 000 maximum. "



June 28, 2021

Please , how can this condition be appreciated ? " Withdrawal: Yes, after trading 1 lot for each $2.50 USD of prize."


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