🎁 OspreyFX | Funded Live Account Challenge

  • Link: Funded Live Account Challenge from OspreyFX

  • Dates: All year 2022
  • Available to: All clients.

  • Offer: Trade a funded account with a 70-30% profit split in your favor. Pass the stages as follows:

    Demo stage (Stage 1): Profit 10% in 30 days, trading at least 10 days, a maximum overall loss of 12% and maximum daily loss of 5%
    Verification stage (Stage 2): Meet the same conditions as with the demo stage account.
    Get funded: Choose either 25K, 50K or 100K in funds and keep up to 70% of the profits with you.

    Additionally, get bonus completion refunds.
  • How to get: Request to participate and meet the aforementioned trading conditions.


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