🎁 FlowBank | Dealer Specialist

  • Link: Dealer Specialist from FlowBank

  • Dates: All year 2023
  • Job location: Geneve, Switzerland.
  • Job description: Trade Executions. Constantly monitor Bank’s risk exposure to each market as per Bank’s risk management procedures. Manage auto trade and order engine settings. Ensure accurate pricing of products on front end – monitor and manage data feeds, update data base and pricing models punctually. Design, structure and price tailor made solutions. Participate in product platform setup and system development. Manage Client’s accessibility to markets dependent on underlying market status and liquidity – manage current markets offered status (Holidays, intraday auctions etc) and evaluate eligibility of new requested markets. Market Data Mining - ensure appropriate settings applied to products. Liaise with IT to resolve operational issues relating to trading and pricing. Monitor client activity to flag up any potential issues with pricing, or suspicious behaviour or trades.