🎁 Bake | Baking Hot Summer Giveaway

  • Link: Baking Hot Summer Giveaway from Bake

  • Dates: All year 2023
  • Available to: All clients.

  • To participate: Register to the contest and set up a recurring monthly buy. Each time the community reaches a milestone based on the number of unique users, new prizes are unblocked:

    AirPods Pro when 1K users are reached
    One ETH when 2K users are reached
    3 iPhone 14 when 5K users are reached
    5 ETH when 20K users are reached
    10 ETH when 100K users are reached
    One BTC when 200K users are reached
    One Tesla when 1M users are reached

  • Prizes: Get any of the following prizes:

    One of the 5 AirPods Pro
    One ETH
    One of the 3 iPhone 14
    One of the 5 ETH
    One of the 10 ETH
    One BTC
    One Tesla
  • How to get: The winners will be chosen randomly in a draw.


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