🎁 Caesar Trade | $1,000 to $100,000 no-deposit (with service fee)

  • Link: $1,000 to $100,000 bonus from Caesar Trade

  • Dates: All year 2018.
  • Available to: New and existing clients.

  • Bonus: Get a credit bonus that does not need a deposit, however, a service fee is needed to be paid with following conditions:

    Pay a service fee of $5.98 USD – Get a $1,000 USD bonus
    Pay a service fee of $25.98 USD – Get a $5,000 USD bonus
    Pay a service fee of $300 USD – Get a $10,000 USD bonus
    Pay a service fee of $1,500 USD – Get a $50,000 USD bonus
    Pay a service fee of $3,000 USD – Get a $100,000 USD bonus
  • How to get: Open an account, request to participate and pay the convenience fee.

  • Withdrawal: Only profits can be withdrawn after trading 1 lot for each $4 USD of profit. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 USD. Keep in mind that a withdrawal cancels the bonus.
  • Other conditions: The bonus will be available for trading for 3 months only, however, if a match deposit is made, you can keep trading with the bonus and the fee will be refunded.



October 5, 2018



August 14, 2018

Big Scam.......Big Scam ....


April 10, 2018

You pormotion is a story of scam and stupid .


December 16, 2017

Hello, unfortunetely we have change are policy!. Have good trade experience.

Isiaka Abidoye

October 20, 2017

They are the number scammer in the world, I lost $100 to them. Please and please, don't fall victim to them.


May 19, 2017


moshood (Ghana)

February 2, 2017

Any bad or scam broker they should remove them from lists of brokers. if they can terminate their services and program's it will better.


November 16, 2016

They are the biggest scam broker..People please don't go for this broker..Its total waste of time and money ( if you think of buying). They will never give back your money.

I don't understand why this website even list these kind of brokers.. Advertising a scam broker is also a scam, They should know


November 12, 2016

Please dont be the victim of this Broker... Total Fraud.I lost 5.98$


November 3, 2016

Yes , this broker is very bad broker, i wondering this broker is still live, be away from this broker


September 26, 2016

Its unfortunate that many traders are still falling victim of this bad broker. All the world already know caesartrade is a thief, do not waste your hard earned money in them!!!

Aboualnagah alshreef

September 6, 2016

I want trading by buns


July 14, 2016

On the 13th May 2016 I used my Debit Card to activate with a sum of $5,98, a No Deposit Bonus of $1,000 as advertised by Caesar Trade. After depositing the money my account 100-002-0025047 was activated with my MT4 Login 2121150975 and the Bonus of $1,000 was credited. I received confirmation by email from one Rubin Tibor(Account Manager) and Customer Service that I can continue Trading.

On the 16th May 2016 I continued trading and by the end of the day I had made a profit of $60,000 trading the AUS200. I followed all their Bonus Terms and Conditions and on the 17th May I did an internal transfer to my Landing Account of which Customer Service confirmed my Transfer as pending. On the 18th May I woke up to a disabled MT4 Platform and my account de-activated. I could not deposit the matching $1,000 so as to have full control of my profits and consequently receive my initial deposit of $5,98 as stipulated in the T&C's of the Broker and this was suppose to happen before a 3 months period expires. Part of the Terms and Conditions was, I was supposed to withdraw only 1% of profit at a time and that did not materialized.

I have on numerous occasions contacted Rubin Tibor and the Customer Desk but no one has an explanation as to what is happening with my Account.
On the 6th June 2016 after I made my Case appear on Forex Peace Army then they started replying my emails. They sent me a link to re-activate my account and that link does not exist at all and does not help me in anyway to retrieve my Account.

For any supporting documents to my claims, I am willing to forward them to you if they can be of assistance to bring this Criminals to Justice.


May 21, 2016

Hello I can Confirm that Caeasrtrade.com is 101% scammers they blocked my other account associated with email:[email protected]
I Aknowlegde all traders again and again never trade with Caesartrade.com You will totally wasting you own time and money and everything. They are scamming peoples please stop trading with them.
Thank you
Shaman jean


May 18, 2016

HI everybody Today I got a big scam from caesartrade. I paid fee and got 1000$ No deposit binary bonus. I turned them into 42000$ in just 5 days and it depends on my ability what can I do faster.But on last night I was having balance 20,000$ in last night I traded and earned return upto 42,000$ next morning when I try to login on my binary account it was shocked me that my account was disabled when I try to login on personal dashboard it even said EMAIL ID NOT FOUND. I got much shocked to see this all. I sent many emails to support and contact online support but they did nothing for me till now if they did I will place a new comment on this page. I don' t know what exactly happend to me.
Was my information stoled? But I can say in this all matter only conpany caesartrade involves. I have waisted too much time and much large profit.
Shaman Jean from pk

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