🎁 Cac400 | Welcome Bonus

  • Link: Welcome Bonus from Cac400

  • Dates: All year 2018.
  • Available to: New clients.

  • Bonus: Bonus on your initial deposits, depending on your type of account as follows:

    Silver account – Deposit no less than $250 USD to get a 40% bonus
    Gold account – Deposit no less than $5,000 USD to get a 60% bonus
    Platinum account – Deposit no less than $20,000 USD to get a 100% bonus
  • How to get: Open a new account and verify it. Make a deposit in accordance to your account chosen and request the bonus.

  • Withdrawal: Yes, after volume trading conditions have been met.
  • Other conditions: The promotion can be changed or terminated at any time without previous notice.



March 10, 2017

Cac400 is a dangerous scam. Join me to take them down together. Next week I am suing them because of scamming me. Join me I have got a lawyer friend that will help us not only take them down but even imprison those who are responsible. A couple of months ago an Indian woman named Riya Sen called me from Italy and I trusted her because I already had a pure Indian friend in Melbourne. She began showing me how much profit I am making in Metatrader 4. She promised me that I can withdraw my half of profit at the end of each month but when it came to action not only they did not pay me a penny of profit but they wanted me to deposit more. I even told them that I sue you if you don’t pay me but they didn’t care since they think they are untraceable but actually they’re not thanks to cyber police and technology. I will wait for you till next week to join me then sue them since the more the merrier. just now we are 3 that have been scammed even one person in our membership can make our claim stronger. We sue them not only in the country that we live but in their own country.

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