🎁 MultiBank Exchange | Demo Competition

  • Link: Demo Competition from MultiBank Exchange

  • Available to: All clients.

  • Contest dates: all year 2018, monthly
  • Registration open: follow schedule
  • Duration: There are six rounds of one month each round.
  • To participate: Simply register to the competition using the form online and verify it.

  • Prizes: The winners of each round will get the following prizes:

    1st place - $10,000 USD
    2nd place - $3,000 USD
    3rd place - $2,000 USD

    The winner of the whole competition will get a black Mercedes Benz E-Class
  • How to get: To get the monthly prizes, simply end the round with the highest equity. To win the car, you must be the trader with the highest equity, summing up the six rounds and you must participate in at least three rounds. To be prize eligible, the participants must trade at least 1,000 lots per round, scalping and EAs are not allowed.

  • Withdrawal: Yes, the winners just need to open a live account to have their prizes deposited.
  • Other conditions: The contest’s rules can be changed or the contest itself can be terminated at any time without previous notice.


Surabaya FX

December 19, 2018

Real great broker and recomended. I have win $10.000 and get withdraw to my Bank account. Thank Multibank...


November 9, 2018

Easy to make money on the demo platform with Multibank as their prices are so slow.

Impossible to make money on a real account with Multibank, as they reject your winning trades.

Has anyone ever had a losing trade rejected by Multibank?


August 26, 2018

This is greatest contest in this year. I win and got my money to my wallet.
Thank you Multibank

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