🎁 KapitalRS | Open Day and Seminar in Belgrade

  • Link: https://www.kapitalrs.com/seminar/kapitalrs/

  • Dates: September 7, 2018.
  • Available to: All clients, but preferably from Belgrade.

  • Offer: Attend this special event, hosted at the Life Design Hotel in Belgrade. You’ll have the chance to book KapitalRS’ specialist for a 1-on-1 meeting in an informal environment, but where you can elicit all the information that you want, ask all the questions that you want and get technical support with all your doubts and concerns. After the sessions, there will be a seminar, called “STEP BY STEP”, and you’ll learn how to build your trading portfolio and some trading strategies.
  • How to get: Book your meeting using the form online and book your seat for the seminar, but hurry, the seats are limited!



June 9, 2018

I am from Serbia. Group of same people act as IB for various brokers , AvaTrade, FXLider, Fortrade (KapitalRS is their
actual name as IB for Fortrade) ....they have cheated so so many people in last 5/6 years of FX fraud doings. When they can not cheat any new person, they just switch to next broker but keep same approach. Who ever get into any arrangement with them never again see single cent of own deposited money. They will call you every day to ask for more and more deposit. They will provideing you with obsolete price actions, signals, market analysis etc. Their seminars, meetings, couching are absolutely worthless and useless. Keep away from KapitalRS as far as You can. Or you will lose so so much money via their counter trades schema etc.

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