🎁 Capital One Forex | Up to 100% Tradable Bonus


Nitin P.

May 9, 2014

Nice to see to my surprise that the bonus has been raised to 120%.

Natalia Evginevna

May 7, 2014

100% broker I will never change capital one my account number 95751


May 4, 2014

Looks suspicious. All comments made at the same days few times.
Had not good previous relationship with this brokers, really bad support. Beware!!


May 2, 2014


Hello, Acount Number : 56617
I am a CapitalOneForex trader since September 2013. The company is detinuing me over 50000 USD. After recently viewing their webpage full of high-blown limelight, I decided to post my view of thiese THIEFS who operate using fraudulent and manipulative pracpractice including:

- deleting (terminating) accounts
- shifting of opening prices
- detinue of profits
- trade disabling
- withdraw blocking
- inabillity of keeping their promises in responding to customers
- fallingshort in solving issues as promissed

For over 5 months I am trying to get my issue resolved - isn't that long enough? All I am getting is the unfulfilled promises by manager Makcim Salakhav with a wide smile.
I hope it will help new potential traders to make up their minds. Please, view the aforementioned issues in further in-depth explications.
CapitalOneForex is simply a scam, BEWARE!!!

Viktor Kralovic

Explication I: Trade disabling, account deleting

In september 2013, I opened my account 56617 investing 10000 EUR and receiving a 7000 EUR bonus. After a month of good trading AUDUSD, CapitalOneForex disabled my trading as shown in the graph below:

I was told that suddenly they found out that no money has arrived from my Slovak bank. Funny enough, they asked me for the same prove 3 weeks before and already back then have found out the money did in-fact arrived troublefree as arranged in the first place.

Explication II: Detinuing profits, shifting of opening prices, empty promises

CapitalOneForex owes me more than 50 000 EUR.
I was promised that all my opened positions are secured and all will be put back in order as soon as the deposit is confirmed by their bank. In the next day or so, my account received the deposit and bonus. Those opened positions of 75k EUR did not ARRIVED!!!
After months of promises 25k were added but CAN NOT BE WITHDRAWED... 50k still MISSING.

Further successful trading took place, producing profits... none of which can be withdrawed. Every AUDUSD trading included a shifting opening price such as here:
There have been some small accounts with shifts in opening prices, often close to MC.

Explication III: Withdraw blocking, empty promises

I can't withdraw a single penny as manager Makcim Salakhav fakes-off some imaginary conditions (specially for me) wich he's going to send "tomorrow". To date, this is two months. Everything is "tomorrow" which in-fact means NEVER. None of it has ever happened.

It's simply absurd and ridiculous beyond imaginary that a broker like this calls himself ECN and all he does is lying, poaching, manipulating, giving endless empty promices and laughing right to your face.

After a long wait, more traders having similar problems like me poped out. Some of us met on seminars and got in touch. I know of at least one with a very similar experience (60000 EUR). We'll use any possible ways to stop brokers like this to keep operating in such a criminal way. Sharing this experinece with others is just the beginning.
All of this can be proved by a record of our online comunication and an endless list of manipulations from CapitalOneForex.


johnson Marina

April 30, 2014

I really recommend all investors and fund managers to try the Excellence of this Great broker my withdraw within 30 minutes from the request mt4 No Problem at all with deposits and withdraws Amazing Bonus and Amazing Company thank you for all what you have Dan you make me happy


April 23, 2014

Excellent and Reliable Forex Broker, So good of customer service, Fast deposits and withdraw , Awesome Bonuses and Promotions

Andrian Cobuscean

April 23, 2014

Wow , Saved my positions and account from liquidation I am so happy with Capital One Forex, very nice bonus and honest broker

Love you Guys

Muhammad Aftab Awan

April 23, 2014

This Broker is the Best and The Bonus is the Best , Now they Offering $5000 No Deposit Bonus
Wow Capital One Forex always been the best in the market.

floreen jakson

April 21, 2014

i trade with more than 7 broker
but when i get start with capitalone i find that what i am looking for
really i like capital one Bonus is so excelent and COFX realy does not apply any terms or condtions
i managed to withdarw the profites after 24 hours trading with no delay as they
promised me 6 hours after request to my skrll account Capital One Forex really proved to be one of the Major Few Honest Brokers out there, I love you guy, Keep up the good thank you for fast Withdraw today


April 21, 2014

Very Nice service support, and the bonus helps a lot to recover in case of loss.
I saw other promotions that they have and I might try them all in the future.


April 21, 2014

Everything perfect , extremely fast services , and high leverage , micro accounts also with low spread but I think capital one forex is the best Broker now ,they are really honest and transparent ,

muhammad hanief

April 21, 2014

very good Forex company, nice bonuses and good service, the deposit and withdraws done within minutes from the request and they never bother the clients when they request withdraw, I am IB for Capital One Forex and my 215 clients all happy with this broker

Marco Schachtner

April 21, 2014

My favorite Broker, Nice Bonus, in the top of that superior customer service and speed of the light execution.
COFX really Delivering Excellence

Guang Vu

April 15, 2014

I have deposited $300 with Capital One Forex and received 50% Tradable Bonus and traded with no problem.
I like their support services and how ready they are to assist me. I like this company very much.

aleksandr popov

April 10, 2014

When I opened the account and I deposited I did not believe that this bonus will be added to the equity of the account I thought it will be Credit Bonus like all other brokers, to my surprise I deposited $1000 and they added for me $1000 , I open Gold Position and I was in the negative $1352 I thought the broker will close the positions and the bonus will be removed but my position was still open and I made profits of $652 .
Amazing Bonus and Amazing Company

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