🎁 Capital One Forex | Up to 100% Tradable Bonus


aleksandr popov

April 10, 2014

very nice bonus , saved my account and made me win my losing positions, this broker they do not close the positions when the equity goes bellow the deposit like all the other brokers in the world, i like this bonus so much

Cleberson Antonio Luiz

April 10, 2014

wow I got the Bonus , I t is great saved my positions when were in negative and I end up winning the positions
Very cool I like this company
withdraw was done in about 15 minutes to my Skrill account, recommended as honest Forex Broker, Love doing business with you guys,
keep up the good work.

Rahim Sheik

April 10, 2014

Good Broker, I been trading with them for a month so far, No Slippage , No Re quotes , Fast Execution , same day withdrawals,Excellent Customer Service , Good Instant Rebates. One of the best ECN/STP Brokers In the Market.I am very happy with this broker.

febri sugiarto

April 10, 2014

ooooooo i love capital one forex mt4 No Problem at all with deposits and withdraws jast rite always i will trade with capital one forex

Charlie Wilson

April 9, 2014

Great Forex Broker, I Invested $90000 Got my bonus ( I think it is the best bonus available in the whole market ) I traded NZDUSD 20 standard lots Buy , I was able to make $32000 in profit, I requested a withdraw to my bank account for the Profits, Capital One Forex executed my withdraw within 30 minutes from the request, I was thinking that the funds will reach to my Bank Account within 2-5 Business days but to my surprise the funds reached to my Bank Account within 4 Hours ( Same Day ) Wow I felt in love with Capital One Forex, My account manager Makcim is a really great man, can be reached 24/7 he gave me his email address , his Skype ID and Whatuup .
I am able to contact with him anytime, I never came cross account manager who is available like this nice man.
I really recommend all investors and fund managers to try the Excellence of this Great broker.

Sharif Ali

April 9, 2014

Still the best Forex Broker out there, Capital One Forex really proved to be one of the Major Few Honest Brokers out there, I love you guy, Keep up the good work

Trang Ngoc Thuy Nguyen

April 2, 2014

Great Bonus and Great Broker, I trade with Capital One Forex for over a year so far, Never ever have any issue with the Platforms or Executions, Their Deposits and Withdraws are super fast.
I see some massive attacks here from other traders and when I asked Capital One Forex about that they were so clear with me and they showed me evidences that these are only Attacks by either another broker or by an IB of another broker,
I am a fund manager and Trader, I been trading fro over 15 years so far, almost traded with every broker out there in the market, never came cross a broker who is Transparent and Honest like Capital One Forex .

What I will say to anyone who accuse Capital One Forex to show their evidences as I can also show my 3 accounts history with Capital One Forex, Deposits , Withdraws , Fast Execution .

I hope the best to this Broker and it's staff and account managers, they all like a family to me,
Always treated so good and I have referred some friends and family to Capital One Forex and I double checked with them and everyone of them confirmed to me that they are Great and all Happy with Capital One Forex , .

I hope people who submit reviews they will tell the truth.

All what I will say Capital One Forex, Trusted to Deliver Excellence.

I can be contacted via Email ( [email protected] ) if anyone want to request evidences of my account history to prove what I said.

Ali Ben Omar

April 2, 2014

i trade with more than 12 broker
but when i get start with capitalone i find that what i am looking for
really i like capital one

James Kramer

April 2, 2014

Marvelous experience with Capital One.

At first I was skeptical of their so generous offer of the 100% Tradable Bonus and leverage 1:1000.

Moral of the story?
I invested around $40K, received $80K into my balance and a Money Trader is making profit for me on a daily basis.
If you don't believe download Capital One MT4 and check this account:

Username: 92073
Password: COFX2014
Server: COFX-Real


April 2, 2014

Great Bonus, No Problem at all with deposits and withdraws, been doing business with them for 10 months with no issues at all

Jorge jak

April 2, 2014

capital one is the company that make me have faith again in Forex market with their superior services. Keep going
withdraw for my account for 1 month 120$ nice services thank you you made my life

Vladimer Vectorovish

April 2, 2014

I opened an account with capital one forex I have had a good experience. Withdrawals have been processed quickly, support is the best and the deposit bonus very good all tradable. always i will trade with capital one forex.


April 2, 2014

Bonus is so excelent and COFX realy does not apply any terms or condtions
i managed to withdarw the profites after 24 hours trading with no delay as they
promised me 6 hours after request to my neteller account

Register and calim your bonus with no delay is my advice for all real traders

Shek Leton

March 24, 2014

Capitaloneforex is not a Scam also a Blackmailer.My name is Shek Leton and my Account number is 89407 my account balance is 1350$.17-03-2014 i make a review and next give another review with 5 star but this is not i submit willingly because Mr Makcim Salkav pusher me to do this and the reason is below:-
Start Time: 03/18/2014 06:42:27
End Time: 03/18/2014 07:15:19
Operators: Nart Salakhav
Please wait for a site operator to respond...
If you do not want to wait, please click here to leave us a message.
Operator Nart Salakhav has joined the chat.
[06:42:27] Nart Salakhav: Dear Jony Ghanam, thank you for contacting us! How may I help you?
[06:42:55] Jony Ghanam: If you send me 750$ in my Neteller Account then i do everythng
[06:43:02] Nart Salakhav: nothing to do
[06:43:04] Nart Salakhav: sorry
[06:43:05] Nart Salakhav: bye
[06:43:36] Jony Ghanam: i can manage every thing
[06:43:38] Jony Ghanam: just think
[06:43:47] Jony Ghanam: also brings more client
[06:43:52] Nart Salakhav: you must to think not me
[06:44:09] Jony Ghanam: you
[06:44:14] Jony Ghanam: have to decide now
[06:44:17] Jony Ghanam: what you do
[06:44:37] Nart Salakhav: i think makcim already contact you
[06:44:51] Nart Salakhav: and inform you what must to do
[06:45:11] Jony Ghanam: yes but he only think his side
[06:45:30] Nart Salakhav: we always think for our client
[06:45:59] Jony Ghanam: ok let a deal just send me my half payment and other half send me after give 5 star
[06:46:08] Nart Salakhav: can't help
[06:46:20] Jony Ghanam: this is a good idea
[06:46:27] Jony Ghanam: just think and infoem me
[06:46:31] Nart Salakhav: sir can't help you
[06:46:34] Nart Salakhav: it's not accept
[06:46:54] Nart Salakhav: we already inform you what you must to do
[06:46:58] Nart Salakhav: and its your choose
[06:46:58] Jony Ghanam: i promise you
[06:47:17] Nart Salakhav: have a nice day
[06:47:25] Nart Salakhav: we have client must follow up with our client
[06:47:25] Nart Salakhav: bye
[06:47:56] Jony Ghanam: are you muslim or hundi or cristan
[06:48:21] Nart Salakhav: i am working chat support in capital one forex
[06:48:28] Nart Salakhav: how can i help
[06:49:23] Jony Ghanam: after all work done when you send me my 750$ in My Neteller Account [email protected]
[06:49:27] Nart Salakhav: do what you must to do then contact us
[06:49:56] Jony Ghanam: ok i do right now but if you don't pay me then
[06:50:18] Jony Ghanam: God is judge you one day ok
[06:50:19] Nart Salakhav: sir makcim will contact you as he will see that you fix FPA
[06:50:28] Jony Ghanam: i do my side
[06:50:59] Nart Salakhav: then contact us
[06:51:05] Jony Ghanam: FPA show the review
[06:51:20] Jony Ghanam: 1 or 2 hours latter
[06:51:39] Nart Salakhav: ok direct we will contact you
[06:51:46] Jony Ghanam: wait
[06:51:58] Jony Ghanam: i think you wait here
[06:52:06] Jony Ghanam: and write some good side
[06:52:34] Jony Ghanam: send me some idea
[06:52:44] Jony Ghanam: soon because i have to go Salat
[06:52:50] Jony Ghanam: Zohor Salat
[06:53:54] Nart Salakhav: ok taqabal allah
[06:54:26] Jony Ghanam: write some good side
[06:54:32] Jony Ghanam: what i have to write
[06:54:45] Jony Ghanam: i'm in FPA
It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.
[06:56:34] Jony Ghanam: hello
[06:57:45] Nart Salakhav: write that it was misunderstanding and i get my withdraw advice all trade with capitaloneforex
[06:57:48] Jony Ghanam: hello
[06:58:20] Nart Salakhav: and i strongly want to change my rate to 5 star
[06:58:29] Nart Salakhav: thats it
[06:58:36] Jony Ghanam: ok
[06:59:29] Jony Ghanam: Hello Dear FPA Capitaloneforex is not Scam they are good.they are pay me my all Balance in My Neteller Account if you want then i can Show you this Screen Short.This Company Employer Mr Makcim Is too good person he fix my problem.now i want to give them 5 star. it was misunderstanding and i get my withdraw advice all trade with capitaloneforex Thanks Shek Leton Email: [email protected] Mobile: 01534702898
[06:59:50] Nart Salakhav: ok great
[07:00:00] Nart Salakhav: and change rate to 5 star rate
[07:00:17] Nart Salakhav: you must do it in follow up issue
[07:00:32] Jony Ghanam: yes
[07:00:34] Jony Ghanam: i do
[07:00:40] Jony Ghanam: all ready do
[07:00:51] Nart Salakhav: great then we will wait
[07:01:04] Nart Salakhav: when FPA put in web
[07:01:26] Jony Ghanam: see
[07:01:41] Nart Salakhav: ok see you
The visitor has sent a file: Untitled-1.jpg
[07:02:23] Nart Salakhav: submit
[07:02:26] Nart Salakhav: and let's wait
[07:02:40] Jony Ghanam: see also that
The visitor has sent a file: Untitled-2.jpg
[07:03:33] Nart Salakhav: ok great thanks
[07:03:51] Nart Salakhav: waiting when will be added in FPA then we will contact you direct
[07:04:23] Jony Ghanam: please send my 750$ in my Neteller Account now [email protected]
[07:04:52] Nart Salakhav: as it will be showing in FPA then our management will fix your problme
[07:05:36] Jony Ghanam: you told me when i do it then instant you send my in my neteller account 750$
[07:06:01] Nart Salakhav: we inform you as it will be in web and showing in web direct we will contact you and send your request
[07:06:50] Jony Ghanam: ok i send FPA another email that they subimt my review as soon as possible
[07:07:07] Nart Salakhav: perfect
[07:07:19] Nart Salakhav: must be today later or tomorrow morning
[07:08:49] Jony Ghanam: Dear FPA now i want to give Capitaloneforex 5 star please show this Review in your Web site and inform all trader that they are not bad.and please as soon as possible show this in your web site. Thanks Shek Leteon
[07:09:23] Jony Ghanam: now Dear I'm gonig to Salat
[07:09:41] Jony Ghanam: after end my Salat again i contact you ok
[07:09:48] Nart Salakhav: ok bro waiting for you
It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.
[07:11:45] Jony Ghanam: you also go and pray for me
It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.
[07:13:19] Nart Salakhav: ok bro
It's been quite a long time since your last response. This chat is ended.
The chat is ended.

then next when i go next day in live chat:-

Please wait for a site operator to respond...

Operator Felix Mayes has joined the chat.

Felix Mayes5:28:06 PM

how i can help u
Jioan Rahman5:28:32 PM

Shek Leton
Account Number Is 89407
5:28:57 PM

i give review 5 star but still i'm not receive my withdraw
Felix Mayes5:30:16 PM

sir u know what the problem

It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.

Felix Mayes5:30:47 PM

3 persones with 3 different names claim that account is there acount

Jioan Rahman5:31:03 PM

what the problem

Felix Mayes5:31:09 PM

and they send there neteller account

Jioan Rahman5:31:22 PM

i send my all identity information

5:31:32 PM

with all documents

Felix Mayes5:31:35 PM

tell me wht the email of 89407 5:31:56 PM

yes but byphone email and chat many come and ask for this account

5:32:03 PM

and say this money for them

5:32:40 PM

can u tell me what the email and phone number of this account

5:32:51 PM

so i make sure u are teh account holder

Jioan Rahman5:33:21 PM

Account opening time email and phone number

Felix Mayes5:33:51 PM


5:33:58 PM

no need for time

Jioan Rahman5:34:10 PM


It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.

Jioan Rahman5:36:49 PM

I'm just search my email

Felix Mayes5:37:58 PM


It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.

It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.

Jioan Rahman5:42:03 PM


Felix Mayes5:42:18 PM

ok let me check

Jioan Rahman5:42:47 PM

deposit Skrill email [email protected]

5:44:40 PM


Felix Mayes5:44:58 PM

sir there is wrong in 2 numbers in mobile

5:45:06 PM

and the email totaqly differenet

5:45:09 PM


Jioan Rahman5:45:23 PM

deposit email is that [email protected]

5:45:33 PM

and how number wromg

5:45:47 PM

check clearly

Felix Mayes5:45:49 PM

2 numbers are different

5:46:00 PM

u fre tge 4th person today claim for this account

5:46:09 PM

sorry sir i can not continue

Jioan Rahman5:46:11 PM

they are

what you say

Felix Mayes5:46:19 PM

the account holder wil be contact now

5:46:27 PM

and be informed of that

Jioan Rahman5:46:36 PM

i have all documents

5:46:44 PM

that this is my account

Felix Mayes5:46:45 PM


Jioan Rahman5:46:49 PM


Felix Mayes5:47:05 PM

we will call the account holder by phone now

Jioan Rahman5:47:08 PM

[email protected]

Felix Mayes5:47:46 PM

if the account is yours u will have call in 10 minutes

Jioan Rahman5:47:46 PM

this Account opening email

5:48:03 PM

[email protected]

It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.

Jioan Rahman5:50:10 PM


Felix Mayes5:50:27 PM


5:50:37 PM

we will call account holder

Jioan Rahman5:50:39 PM

[email protected]

Felix Mayes5:50:41 PM

wait the call

Jioan Rahman5:52:25 PM

and i know now what i have to do

It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.

Jioan Rahman5:55:06 PM


Felix Mayes5:56:37 PM

yes sir

It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.

Jioan Rahman5:56:53 PM

still not get call

5:56:56 PM

I'm understand they never pay me.so my request please Dear Trader Never Deposit any single Penny this Big Fraud Company Capitaloneforex



March 18, 2014

This is a Big Bustered Broker... This broker MD is Mr. Samir Beool...they show you always good promotion for deposit and when you want to withdraw then they give you 100% you will lose condition...so Mr. Samir is big bustered ..he is proof that...this broker caught our total money 6000$ from my team..
If i get this people face to face 100% I will kill him......here this broker all are big fraud worldwide.....Mr. nart is also bustered son of mr. samir....I think every time that this all are not human son/daughter...all are this broker staff is son/daughter of any animal like dog/monkey.......
son of bitch Mr. samir beool....

_ _
skype> md.minhazul.islam

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