🎁 xChief | No-Deposit Bonus $100


Timothy Forexguru

March 10, 2022

Finally my testing of Forexchief was a success. I demo traded for 3 months and used $100 bonus from the broker to also test their live features. It is all good. I am ready to trade. Good conditions, good spreads, low commission.


February 16, 2022

Genuine broker and you will definitely receive your no deposit bonus.


February 9, 2022

Unable to find good brokers that offer bonus until I found Forexchief. This is one of the easiest brokers to use. The bonus is $100, instant to my account in less than 24 hours.


January 31, 2022

If you are looking for easy no deposit bonus, register with Forexchief and get it same day. It was very easy for me.

Shahzada fahad

January 27, 2022

I give them full star because they give me 100 $ bonus very easily thanks.. Best of all


January 5, 2022

The bonus is good. $100 and I can confirm there is 500% percent on deposit. If you are new all you need is good knowledge and a cold mind. This one I have. I do not withdraw money often .. 2 times a month. There are no problems with withdrawing money.

Dominic Emr

December 20, 2021

I got the bonus. $100, no verification was asked. So easy.


November 26, 2021

A good way to start Forex. Bonus is 100% real. Got it instantly. Very useful

Mcson Verdy

November 25, 2021

This was one of the easiest bonuses I have got in a long time. Platform is easy to use. Their commission is lower and personal assistant is most suitable for me. I like it.


November 11, 2021

This website says the bonus has ended. It hasn't, Forexchief still offers no deposit bonus, and also 500% deposit bonus. There are other forms of bonus. These bonuses has really helped me increase my margin when needed. Other brokers should emulate Forexchief. Withdrawal of funds is quite fast.


November 11, 2021

this is stupid dont waist peoples time and money 100 lot to withdraw


November 11, 2021

this is stupid dont waist peoples time and money 100 lot to withdraw

FX Reloaded

October 17, 2021

This is crazy & stupid at same damn time.

Best Trader

October 13, 2021

The Profit can be withdrawn only after the trading turnover on the account has reached USD 10,000,000. The trading turnover in USD for each order is equal to the total turnover amount of two transactions: transaction for opening an order and transaction for closing an order.
BUY 1 lot EURUSD (1 lot = 100,000 EUR) order opened at a price of 1.1257 and closed at 1.1283. Trading turnover in USD for this order = (100,000 * 1.1257) + (100,000 * 1.1283) = 225,400 USD

SELL 5 lot USDJPY (1 lot = 100,000 USD) order opened at a price of 109.806 and closed at 109.352. Trading turnover in USD for this order = (500,000 * 1) + (500,000 * 1) = 1,000,000 USD

BUY 3.5 lot GBPUSD (1 lot = 100,000 GBP) order opened at a price of 1.2978 and closed at 1.2985. Trading turnover in USD for this order = (350,000 * 1.2978) + (350,000 * 1.2985) = 908,705 USD

turnover USD 10,000,000 = approx 40 lots of EURUSD


September 23, 2021

They are kidding us

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